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Under Reconstruction!

Please pardon our mess! Unfortunately, the trusty old website of the Seven Pillars House of Wisdom stopped working on August 1st, after over a decade of loyal service. We were not able to transfer the system, but we were able to save all of the articles and contributor bios, which are located here. Over the…

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Lay Down Your Vow

This evokotive theme song is a beautiful, musical representation of The Seven Pillars, which was created by Yuval Ron and a team of musicians for the forthcoming Seven Pillars eBook, titled The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom. This evokotive theme song is a beautiful, musical representation of The Seven Pillars, which was created by Yuval…

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Song of Creation

The drive to express ourselves, to create in the world, is an innate need like beauty, love, and the search for truth. It seems almost biological, like the need for food and water. In the Nazi concentration camps of World War II, deprived of nearly every- thing, many prisoners composed songs, wrote poetry, and even…

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An Exclusive Seven Pillars Interview with Robin Becker

Recently, Seven Pillars’ Laurie Lane-Zucker and Corin Girard sat down with dancer and choreographer Robin Becker to discuss her original production, “Into Sunlight.” In the interview, Robin spoke of what inspired her to create this poignant work, the “chaos theory” behind her artistic process, the company’s upcoming New York City performances and the creation of…

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From Battlefield to Stage

When I read They Marched Into Sunlight, David Maraniss’ powerful book on the Vietnam War, I immediately responded to the timelessness and universality of the themes and events he documented. I was deeply moved by the integrity, honor and commitment of both those who fought the war, and those who fought against it. I embarked…

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Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth Book Trailer

Click here to read Winona LaDuke’s contribution to Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth, “In the Time of the Sacred Places,” a passionate invocation of the spiritual “presence” within, and ongoing imperialistic threat to, sacred places. A new anthology by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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A Maker of Things

In 2006 I quit my career job, left New York City, and headed to rural New Mexico to discover a life less reliant on money. I wanted to become a maker of things instead of a buyer of things. As in most escapades, I advanced step-by-step. Curiously I lifted veil after veil, allowing myself to…

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Heartfelt Dialogue

The mystery of heartfelt dialogue, of truly heart-centered conversation, is discovered in the inflow of presence and in a willingness to uncover the desires of the heart, as inspired by an atmosphere of loving concern. As a process of discovery, such dialogue is energized by patience and receptivity to what arises spontaneously and genuinely from…

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In this exclusive interview with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, the Co-Director, Co-Producer and Co-Composer of the documentary Elemental, we explore the persistence of hope and other questions relating to the creation, filming and mission of the film. The world in which we live is both beautiful and terrible. There are those among us that recognize these polarities and…

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One Path, Many Paths

Seven Pillars’ founder and board member, Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, recently sent a letter to Adam Bucko and Zachary Markwith, two individuals with “a deep sense of the sacred, but…quite different approaches to religion and tradition,” inviting them to participate in a dialogue about the relationship between religion and spirituality. Pir Zia was inspired to send…

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