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Christopher Bamford orients us to the theme “vanishing art” during the opening evening of our event, Vanishing Art: An Intimate Festival of What May Be.

At the Abode of the Message in New Lebanon, New York on August 24, 2011.

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Christopher Bamford is Editor-in-Chief for SteinerBooks and Lindisfarne Books. A Fellow of the Lindisfarne Association, he has lectured, taught, and written widely on Western spiritual and esoteric traditions. He is the author of The Voice of the Eagle: The Heart of Celtic Christianity and An Endless Trace: The Passionate Pursuit of Wisdom in the West. He has also translated and edited numerous books, including Celtic Christianity, Homage to Pythagoras, and The Noble Traveller. An essay by Mr. Bamford is included in the HarperSanFrancisco anthology Best Spiritual Writing 2000 by Philip Zaleski.