Inspired and informed by the world’s mystical wisdom traditions, brought into the light of day by a vivid dream, and developed by dedicated artists, scholars, spiritual leaders and social activists, The Seven Pillars offer insight, inspiration, and grounding for those seeking authentic wisdom in an age marked by profound ecological and social challenges.

The Seven Pillars invite you to undertake an exploration, individually and collectively. This journey can help to illuminate the unfolding experiences of life, facilitating the emergence of a living wisdom to help us address the urgent social and ecological needs of our time with integrity and beauty.

* * *

The Journey of Life: Reflecting upon the shared contours of the human experience.
The Living Universe: Exploring the nature of the universe and the Earth, and our vital relation to them.
Our Sacred Heritage: Contemplating the rich record of the human encounter with the divine.
The Great Mystery: Awakening to the numinous nature of reality.
The Cry: Opening to the suffering of the world in all its forms.
What May Be: Responding with mind and heart to the call of the future.
The Pledge: Resolving to take meaningful action on behalf of all.

* * *

The Seven Pillars House of Wisdom offers access to the Seven Pillars in a variety of formats:

You can get a taste of each pillar in pages on this website.  Start here!

Immerse yourself in images, music, and language with our multimedia e-book,
The Seven Pillars Journey Toward Wisdom

Enter the pillars through a CD of music and meditations,
The Seven Pillars Soundscape: A Contemplative Journy Toward Wisdom

Finally, learn how The Seven Pillars are being explored
through our Programs and by members of our Community.